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Keep Your Griller Clean; Keep Your Food Safe for Eating: Know How to Keep Your Griller Clean
After having BBQ feast with your family, it is now time to clean-up your BBQ grillers. Cleaning grillers can be a hard and messy task. Despite how much you want to avoid cleaning your griller, you still have to do the job. Keeping your cooking utensils will let your family safe from harm of dirty and unsafe foods. Thus, if you want to have another feast this time together with your friends, make sure that your griller is safe by cleaning it.
Get to know the tips and tricks in keeping your grillers safe and working. Know the top cleaning grilling basics right now in here!
Grill grate cleaning
The grate is the hardest part of a griller to clean. It is the only portion of a griller which experiences much action. It is where you place your meat or vegetable to grill. Thus, some parts of the food can stick into grilling grates due to direct contact. The food remnants left on the grates will turn hard over time. If you fail to clean up the grates, these food parts will stick to the food which you are going to cook. Now, that is something unclean and unhealthy for your family and guest.
So, how can you get rid of these food parts?
Let the heat of the griller kick into a high heat if you are planning to clean the tool. The fire on the griller will help in burning down this food stuff. Repeat the method for several tries until the remaining food is burned. Then, use a grill brush in removing all dirt and ashes on the griller.
Cleaning the remaining charcoal
Another annoying task with cleaning grillers is to remove all the dirt-meaning including the ash and cooled embers. You can get dirty with this job; thus, wear an apron or anything to protect your clothes. However, removing this dirt is easy. What you need to do is to see to it that you brush off all the ash and charcoal left on the griller with a grill brush. You can place this dirt in a bucket for disposal. Keeping a bucket to place your BBQ trash is a good idea. It will keep in handy and convenient. There are two different fuels in use of grill - you can go for gas or charcoal. Between the two, using a charcoal grill is more difficult to clean. The ash and charcoal can get hard and irritating to remove once it hardens because of moisture. Thus, before it happens, you have to clean your griller with a brush. If you do not want to have this task all over again in your next BBQ dinner, it is best to use oil on the grate before grilling. It will help to avoid your food from sticking on the grate and leaving small parts.
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